5 reasons visitor management systems will take over receptions in 2018

After slowly gaining in popularity over the last few years, reception sign in systems are now coming into their own, with a number of easy to use tablet based apps taking over from visitor books and older, clunky webcam based systems.

Visitor sign in system

But what is the appeal, and why are businesses suddenly keen to cast aside their visitor books to embrace this new visitor experience? We look at five key reasons visitor management is set to take over receptions this year.


Speaking of visitor experience, let’s start there. There’s a good chance most of us have used a visitor sign in system in the last 12 months. We’ve also all used visitor books in the past and it’s safe to say a good touch screen app offers a much slicker experience for guests. Sign in screens can be branded with your logo and customised with welcome messages and more. Guests can be emailed a confirmation of the visit with their own personalised QR code for faster sign in when they arrive.

When your visitor arrives, as well as being notified by reception, you can receive a handy text or email with your guest’s photo so you know who you’re meeting.

We know the value of making a good first impression (for customers, prospects, staff, peers, partners, parents, everyone really), it’s why our receptions are clean, everyone’s generally polite and where possible we try to make those few minutes while your guests wait for you a positive experience. A sign in app shows how forward thinking your business is.


As well as making sure our visitors have a great experience, we also want to ensure they are safe and accounted for in the event of an emergency. As a cloud based system, a live emergency fire / evacuation list can be generated from any internet connected device, even a phone or tablet.

As you can have a sign in iPad at each entrance all as part of the same system, you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple visitor books. The list is updated in real time and allows you check people off on the screen. It can also act as a staff sign in system, allowing you to generate fire lists that include staff and contractors, so you’ll know in an instant everyone who was in your building.


It’s important to make sure all your visitors have read and agreed to any policies or terms you have in place on arrival. This can include important health and safety information, or instructions on fire safety. A good sign in system can present these terms to your visitor in an easy to read format and keep a record they have been accepted.

Depending on your business, in some cases you may require visitors to provide a signature and receive an emailed copy of your terms. Look for a sign in system that provides this feature if required.


With upcoming changes to regulations, data is high on everyone’s agenda. While there are still a number of grey areas, a visitor management system can help with compliance by giving you control over the data you collect and keep. This can include options around data retention and customising the data you capture to ensure you only store the minimum information you need. By sharing your privacy policy with visitors, you can ensure they understand how their data will be used and also give them the option to opt in or out inline with your policies.

As many sign in systems are located outside of the EU, look for one whose data never leaves the UK. This ensures the data flow is easy to map and that your sign in partner fully complies and is able to provide data statements inline with GDPR prior to May.


Few things are as important as providing a safe and secure environment to work in. Visitors to your site may not always be known to you, so it’s important to keep an up to date and accurate log of who is in your buildings at all times. This way you can safeguard both your visitors and staff, while having access to a complete history of visits with photos captured at the point they signed in. Some will support badge printing to allow you to easily print visitor badges as your guests sign in, providing further security.

For those with multiple sites, sign in systems such as Sign In App allow you to manage different sites from a single login and export visitor history as required. You can also ensure visitor privacy is maintained with options to hide visitors in the app and turn off autocomplete features.

As you can see there are lots of reasons to enhance your reception with a visitor management system in 2018. Sign In App is the UK’s leading visitor management system. Packed with all the above features and more, Sign In App costs just £295 +VAT per year, or £995 +VAT for the first year if you include an iPad, lockable stand, wireless printer and media.