Fire list

In case of emergency...

Sign In App Companion is the quickest way to access your site's live fire list, ready for any eventuality.

To access the fire list, Can access the fire list must be ticked against the staff member in the online portal.

Accessing the fire list

Tap the Fire list tab at the bottom of the screen. If you have access to multiple sites, you can change the current site using the site selector at the top of the screen. Simply tap a site name to switch to the fire list for that site.

Each visitor or staff member currently signed in appears under their respective visitor group.

Visitor information

Tap a visitor's name or photo to see more information, including all custom fields entered as they signed in.

Roll call

Use Sign In App Companion during fire drills or evacuations to record the presence of staff and visitors.


Tap the timer icon in the top left of the screen once to start the timer. Do this as soon as the fire alarm sounds to accurately record the number of minutes and seconds the roll call takes to complete. You can pause the timer by tapping the icon again, or tap it a third time to either reset or resume the timer.

Mark as present

Tick the box to the right of each visitor or staff member's name to mark them as present during the roll call.

Send or share the report

Once you have completed the roll call, tap Send in the top right corner to progress to the report. You will then have the option to add Comments before tapping Next. A PDF copy of the report will be generated, including the timer, full fire list and any comments. From here, tap the Share button in the top right to email or save a copy of the PDF.

Pull to refresh (iOS)

Pull the fire list down to refresh. You will be given the option to either update the list of people only (keeping the ticks in place) or reset the full fire list which will clear and reset everything.