Getting started

Inviting users

There are two ways to start using Sign In App Companion;

  1. Invite users from the online portal
  2. Allow users to invite themselves from an iPad running Sign In App

1. Invite users from the online portal

Choosing this option gives you the most control over who has access to Sign In App Companion on your site. As you invite each user from the online portal, you have the option to set their permission levels prior to them using the app.

From the Sign In App online portal, click Manage in the top menu then Manage again on the staff visitor group. You will be presented with a list of staff members to choose from.

Did you know, you can also get to this screen from the Today view. First select the Staff tab on Today, then click the Manage group button on the right.

Click on the staff member to view more information. You can read more about this screen here.

Next, select the Companion app tab.

  • Can pre-register visitors - allow the pre-registration of visitors from this staff member's smartphone.
  • Can access fire list - allow this user to access the site's fire list and generate reports.

    Remember to click Save after changing permissions.

Click the Send email invite button. An email will be sent with instructions on how to download the app along with an authorisation code.

An email address is required to be invited from the online portal.

2. Allow users to invite themselves from an iPad running Sign In App

You can also allow users to generate their own invites from Sign In App on iPad. To enable this, go to Manage in the top menu of the online portal, then Manage again on the staff visitor group. From here click Edit group on the right side to open the group options.

Tick the option 'Allow group members to use Companion app' and save the changes. Once the new settings are loaded on Sign In App (either by restarting the app or reloading the config manually), staff members will now see a new option called Companion App when signing in. By tapping this button, they can then select to receive their authorisation code and instructions by email or SMS. If the staff record has no email address or phone number, the staff member will be unable to connect Sign In App Companion.

When a staff member invites themselves via the app, they do not have access to either pre-registrations or the fire list by default. These must be granted by a Sign In App admin user via the portal using the instructions listed in the section above.

Downloading the app

Sign In App Companion is a free download and is available from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. Instructions and links are included on the invitation email, but you can find the links below.

Connecting the app

After downloading the app, tap Connect and enter the 5 digit authorisation code from the invitation email. That's it! You're ready to start using Sign In App Companion.