A great first impression

Pre-register guests and send email invitations from your smartphone using Sign In App Companion.

To pre-register guests, Can pre-register visitors must be ticked against the staff member in the online portal.

To invite a guest

First, select the Pre-register tab. Then tap Add new at the top of the screen. Complete all applicable fields and tap Next to continue the pre-registration.

Please note the following fields are required;

  • Visitor's full name
  • Date of visit
  • Site (if shown)
  • Group (if shown)


If you wish to send an email invitation to your visitor, enter the email address before tapping Done. The email will be sent with your company's branding, directions (if address is populated in the site settings) and a QR code for faster sign in (if QR codes are enabled on the site). The visitor will also be able to download the meeting to their calendar.

If you prefer not to send an email, tap Skip.

On arrival

If your visitor was sent an invitation email with QR code, they can scan this using Sign In App when they arrive. Alternatively when they start typing their name, their details will be automatically populated from the pre-registration.

Upcoming pre-registrations

All upcoming pre-registrations registered via the app can be viewed on this screen. Tap a pre-registration to see the information entered.


From here you can also delete a pre-registration using the delete button at the bottom of the screen.