Additional features

Automatic sign out

Automatic sign out is now managed as a setting on your visitor groups. This allows greater flexibility as you can set groups to have different auto sign out options. To sign visitors out at a specific time each day (or after a certain number of hours), edit the group and modify the Automatically clear group member's in or out status option.

QR code scanning

Enable the QR code scanning feature to add a button to the top left of the welcome and sign in screens. When your visitor or staff member taps this button, a window will appear with a feed from the device's front camera. By holding a QR code in front of the device, the visitor can sign in or out easily.

If QR code scanning is enabled, all pre-register email invites will include a QR code for fast sign in. If QR code scanning is disabled, email invites will still be sent without a QR code.

Visitor photos

Enable visitor photos to prompt each visitor for a photo. A photo will be taken using the iPad's front facing camera. After each photo is taken, the visitor will have the option to retake the photo or continue. Photos appear in the online portal and on the visitor badge if configured.


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