Adding / removing custom fields

Sign In App allows you to configure up to 5 additional custom fields per visitor group to capture additional data about your visitor. These are in addition to the Full name field that is always displayed. To add a new field, click Add new. To edit a field, simply click the pen icon to the right of the name.

Edit options

Field label

The name of the field as it appears in the app.

Field type

Select what type of information is being captured. The iPad will display a custom keyboard suited to the type of information you select (e.g. email displays the @ symbol immediately without having to press shift).

  • Text - the standard keyboard is displayed
  • Uppercase - all caps, suitable for car registrations
  • Email - email addresses
  • Number - the number keys are displayed
  • URL - suitable for entering websites
  • Notify list - select the person to notify when this visitor arrives. See Groups for more information.
  • Yes/No - display a yes/no option for visitors
  • Dropdown - show a list of options for the visitor to choose from

Show on the fire list

Tick this box to include this field when you generate your fire list. This is useful if you capture who visitor is seeing, or their mobile phone number.

Make this a required field

Set this custom field to be mandatory. A visitor will not be able to sign in without first completing this field.

Show for

Select which visitor groups this field should appear for.


To remove a custom field, click the Delete button.

Remember to click Save when you have finished to save any changes.

Visitor badge

Select a badge template from the available options. If you require a custom layout that isn't available, please contact the Sign In App team at

Tip: For the best results, choose a badge template that matches the width of the media in your printer. The two standard sizes are 62mm and 54mm. Each badge template lists the media it was designed for. If your badges do not fit in your badge holders, this is usually the reason.


Click Continue to save your changes and continue to Additional features.