Manage devices

Connect a new iPad

The manage devices screen will show all devices connected to the current site. You can add as many devices as required to each site. To add a new iPad, first generate an authorisation code.

Generating an authorisation code

Under New Device, click the Connect button. A window will appear with your code.

Enter your authorisation code on the iPad

Enter this code on the Sign In App and tap Add Device. The iPad will instantly appear on your device list on the Sign In App portal. For instructions on downloading the Sign In App, click here.

Your device is now connected.

If the authorisation code isn't recognised, it may be due to internet connection issues.

Remove device

To remove a device, click Remove under the device name. This iPad will be disconnected from the site. If you wish to connect it again at a later date, follow the steps above. An error will appear on the app if you attempt to use it.

A better way to remove a device is to do it from the iPad itself. From the Sign In App's config mode, select Options then Remove device from site. This will remove the device but also return you to the app welcome screen, avoiding the error that will appear using the above method.


Click Finish to save your changes and return to the Today screen.