An important part of visitor management is presenting guests with policies and terms relevant to their visit. Sign In App gives you flexibility in how you configure these messages for each visitor group.

Multiple messages

New to version 3, you can now set up and present multiple messages to your visitors. To add a message, click the Add new button at the bottom of the screen. To remove a message, click the delete icon in the top right corner of the message.

If you don't have any messages, this section will be skipped in the app. If you have multiple messages, they will be presented one after another as the user accepts and continues.


The title of the message shown at the top of the screen


The body of the message. This view scrolls in the app so there is no limit to its length. URLs can be included which can be opened in the app.


Select whether the visitor must accept these terms before continuing (either via a checkbox or a signature) or if the terms are for the user's information only.


If you require the user to accept the terms, select the type of action required;

  • Accept - user must tick a box to confirm they accept the message
  • Confirm - user is presented with an optional tick box that doesn't prevent them signing in
  • Signature - user is prompted to sign the screen

Action label

Enter the label that should appear next to the checkbox.

Show for

Select the visitor groups who should see this message upon signing in.

If you select a repeat visitor type (i.e. staff) they will only be asked to accept the message once. It will no longer show until the message is updated. They will then be asked to re-read and approve the message.

Advanced options

Here you can select to email a copy of the message as a PDF to the visitor who just signed in. You can also upload your own attachment to be sent with the email.

To email the message to the visitor, one of your custom fields MUST be an email address.


Click Continue to save your changes and continue to Privacy.