Show autocomplete for regular visitors

As your visitors sign in, Sign In App automatically searches your visitor history and presents a list of names that match theirs. By tapping their name, it will autocomplete both their full name and first custom field (i.e. company), speeding up the sign in process.

If you would prefer to disable the autocomplete feature, untick this option.

Hide visitors on the sign out list

When your visitor signs out, a list of currently signed in visitors is displayed. From here your visitor can locate their name and swipe left to sign out. There is also a search option to quickly find their name.

If you would prefer to hide the list of signed in visitors, tick this option. Each visitor will be required to search for their name to sign out.

Hide "Powered by Sign In App" on the main screen

A small Sign In App logo appears as your visitors sign in. To hide this logo, tick this box.


Click Continue to save your changes and continue to Custom fields.