5. Build the enclosure


We supply Bouncepad enclosures because of their great design, smart engineering and solid build quality. They also provide simple assembly instructions which you can find below;


The Bouncepad Flip iPad stand sits elegantly and securely on your counter top. The weighted base and engineered hinge of this iPad POS stand lets you share the screen with a smooth flipping motion.

Bouncepad Flip Assembly Instructions


Pick it up, sit it on your lap, pass it to a friend. This tablet enclosure’s stability comes from a unique conical attachment and two discreet feet, a simple yet smart design that allows it to ‘lounge’ on your surface.

Bouncepad Lounge Assembly Instructions


The Bouncepad Floorstanding's solid base lets you display your tablet cable free for an elegant standalone display, without the need for furniture or fittings.

Bouncepad Floorstanding Assembly Instructions


The Bouncepad Desk tablet and iPad kiosk is designed to lie low on your surface, giving your tablet a seamless finish whilst displaying content at an angle that provides easy interaction for users.

Bouncepad Desk Assembly Instructions


This tablet and iPad wall mount allows you to securely install a tablet onto a vertical surface, and is angled for an excellent view at eye level.

Bouncepad Wallmount Assembly Instructions

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