4. Add the printer

Searching for a printer

With the printer configured, the next step is easy.

Open Sign In App on the iPad if it isn't already open. From the config screen (shown below), tap Select printer to open the printer menu.

If you can't see the config screen, you're probably in reception mode (which has 'Tap the screen to start' along the bottom). If you are, tap and hold your finger on the screen without moving until the app returns to the config screen.

Printer search

The printer menu will automatically list all printers the app has found on your network. You will also see any Bluetooth printers which have been paired to the device. To refresh the search results, tap Search again

Tap the printer you wish to connect to and that's it, Sign In App will now print your visitor badges to this printer. To remove the printer at any time, simply select Don't use a printer

Enter IP address manually

If your network prevents discovery of printers via a search, you can manually enter the IP address by selecting this option. You need to select the correct printer model and both the printer and the iPad must be on the same network.

Next step

If you have a Bouncepad enclosure to set up, click here to go to step 5.

Otherwise, you are ready to start using Sign In App on your site. To learn more about the features and functionality of Sign In App, visit our app section of this documentation.