Repeat visitor


A repeat visitor is someone who is at your site regularly. They will have their own virtual visitor card with a photo and their name. In the app, they appear in a grid with the other people in their group, so this is the group type most frequently used for staff members. A QR code can be associated with each repeat visitor for easy scanning in and out.

To add a new repeat visitor group

You can create up to six visitor groups in total. The default 'Staff' group is an example of a repeat visitor group. To create your own, first click Manage in the top menu, scroll down to Manage Groups and click Add group

Enter a name for the group, keep this to one or two words. Then select 'Repeat visitor' as the type.

Welcome message

When your repeat visitor has finished signing in with either custom fields or messages to agree to, your welcome message will be displayed. This is designed to fit on a single line, so keep it brief. If you leave the welcome message blank, 'Thank you for signing in' will be displayed.

If you don't have custom fields or messages set for your repeat visitor group, no welcome message will be displayed. This is because the repeat visitor is returned instantly to the staff list to make the sign it/out process as quick and easy as possible.

Automatically clear group member's in or out status

  • Never - Do not sign repeat visitors out automatically. Your visitors will stay signed in until they sign out.
  • At a time - You can select what time of the day this group's repeat visitors are automatically signed out.
  • After duration - Your repeat visitors can be automatically signed out after a set number of hours.

Show on the fire list

Untick this option if you don't want this repeat visitor group to show on your fire list.

Pin number

Set a pin number to hide the repeat visitor group on the iPad until a pin has been entered. Leave the pin field blank if you do not require a pin number to be entered.

Include group in notify list

Tick this option to show members of this group in custom fields with the Notify List type. An example of this being used is staff members, where the custom field 'Visiting' could have a type of Notify List. By including the repeat group for staff in the notify list, all staff members would appear when the visitor selects the Visiting field.

Allow group members to use Companion app

If you tick this option, members of this group will have the option to invite themselves to start using Companion app from the iPad. A new button will appear when signing in that says Companion App. Tapping this option will then allow the group member to select either an email or SMS invite to be sent.

When group members are invited to start using Companion app from the iPad, they are not immediately granted access to the fire list or pre-registrations. If you would like a repeat visitor to have access to the fire list or pre-register guests, you must give them access from the online portal.

If the group member doesn't have either an email address or mobile phone number stored, a message will be displayed informing them that they will be unable to use Sign In App Companion until one or both is added.

Allow group members to sign in via the app

With this option ticked, members of the group can sign in. If this option is unticked, the group can still be used for the notify list, however its members won't be able to sign in or out.

Allow group members to be added via the app

Tick this option to enable the 'Add new' button in the app. With this option unticked, all new group members must be created in the portal.

Allow group members to update their photo

Choose whether to allow group members to take their own photo in the app. If this is unticked, all photos are managed in the portal.

Enable sign out first mode for this group (Advanced Option)

Enabling sign out first mode will remove the option for members of this group to sign in. Members will be given the option to sign out and a red indicator will show when they are out. When they arrive back on site, they will have the option to sign back in.

To edit these options later, return to the Manage Groups section, click Manage under the group name. Then click Edit group on the right hand side.
Deleting a group will delete all group members. Sign in history will be kept, but group members can not be recovered.

Add a visitor

To add a repeat visitor to the group, click the Add new button on the right menu. A new window will appear with the following options;

  • Name - the full name of the repeat visitor
  • Role - (optional) a field for additional information
  • Email - (optional) the email address where notifications will be sent
  • Mobile - (optional) the mobile phone number where SMS notifications will be sent (with country code)
  • Pin - (optional) require this pin number to be entered before this visitor can sign in or out
  • When a visitor arrives - choose the type of notification that is sent
  • Show on site - show this visitor at all sites or a specific site

Edit visitor

To make changes or view the history of a repeat visitor, click their record in the list. An edit window will appear.


To upload a new photo, click the edit option next to the photo.


From the details tab, update information about this visitor. An additional option to change the visitor's group can be found here.


View the sign in history for this visitor.


View and download PDF copies of messages agreed to by this visitor.

Companion app

Invite this visitor to start using Sign In App Companion for smartphones. This option will only be available if the visitor has an email address set. From here you can send the invite, and grant access to the fire list and pre-registration features.


Move this visitor to the archived section for the group. This will prevent the visitor from signing in or out, but will not delete any history. The visitor can be restored at any time.


Removes the visitor record permanently.


Once your group has been created, you can set which messages to present to them from the Manage > Configure site > Messages screen. Navigate to messages and under each one you will see the visitor group under 'Show for'. Simply tick the new group on the relevant message. Remember to click Continue at the bottom of the screen to save.

Repeat visitors will only be asked to accept each message once. It will no longer show until the message is updated. They will then be asked to re-read and approve the message.

Custom fields

You can also customise which data fields appear for each group. Navigate to Manage > Configure site > Customise to see a list of your custom fields. Click the edit button next to the relevant field and then select Advanced options to show the groups. Tick the group and save the field.

In most cases, we recommend not asking repeat visitors to enter custom fields as it slows down the sign in experience.


Today view

The total number of people signed in for each visitor group shows along the top of your today view. Clicking each one will show the visitors signed in and out in that group. Repeat visitor groups also have a quick link to manage the group.

History view

The history view still shows all visitors together, however when you click export, you will be asked to select which group you wish to export.

Fire list

The first list shows everyone on site in one view, grouped together by their visitor group.

Manage group

You can manage the repeat visitor group by clicking Manage on the Today view, or by navigating to Manage > Manage Group. From here you can see current and archived group members, create new group members and edit existing ones. You can also select a group member to see their full sign in history and edit notification options e.g. SMS or email when visitors arrive.

There is also the option to import repeat visitor group members by following the on screen instructions.

The app

When a repeat visitor taps the screen on the app, a list of repeat visitor groups appears at the bottom underneath the standard visitor 'Sign In' and 'Sign Out' buttons. By tapping a repeat visitor group, a grid appears of members of the group with a search feature.

The user taps their name to open their card and signs in or out as required. No badge is printed. From here (if enabled on the group), they can also update their photo and attach a QR code.

New group members can also be created if this option is enabled on the group.