Standard visitor


A standard visitor is a guest at your site. They may be visiting you for the first time, or they may have been here before, but they are usually not frequent guests. They will sign in and out using the standard method where they will be asked to provide their name and additional information each time they arrive.

To add a new standard visitor group

You can create up to six visitor groups in total. The default 'Visitor' group is an example of a standard visitor group. To create your own, first click Manage in the top menu, scroll down to Manage Groups and click Add group

Enter a name for the group, keep this to one or two words. Then select 'Standard visitor' as the type.

Welcome message

When your visitor has finished signing in, your welcome message will be displayed. This is designed to fit on a single line, so keep it brief. If you leave the welcome message blank, 'Thank you for signing in' will be displayed.

Automatically clear group member's in or out status

  • Never - Do not sign visitors out automatically. Your visitors will stay signed in until they sign out.
  • At a time - You can select what time of the day this group's visitors are automatically signed out.
  • After duration - Your visitors can be automatically signed out after a set number of hours.

Show on the fire list

Untick this option if you don't want this visitor group to show on your fire list.

Print a visitor badge

Untick this option if you don't want to print visitor badges for this group.

Send an internal email when a visitor signs in / out

If you wish to notify a specific host that their visitor has arrived, make sure you use the notification options on repeat visitor groups. If however, you want to receive an email every time any visitor signs in and/or out of this group, tick this box and provide an email address.

To edit these options later, return to the Manage Groups section and click Edit under the group name. You will notice some groups have a Manage button instead of Edit, these are repeat visitor groups.
You can delete a group without deleting that group's visitor history. Only settings will be deleted.


Once your group has been created, you can set which messages to present to them from the Manage > Configure site > Messages screen. Navigate to messages and under each one you will see the visitor group under 'Show for'. Simply tick the new group on the relevant message. Remember to click Continue at the bottom of the screen to save.

Custom fields

You can also customise which data fields appear for each group. Navigate to Manage > Configure site > Customise to see a list of your custom fields. Click the edit button next to the relevant field and then select Advanced options to show the groups. Tick the group and save the field.


Today view

The total number of people signed in for each visitor group shows along the top of your today view. Clicking each one will show the visitors signed in and out in that group. Standard visitor groups also have the option to pre-register guests. When importing pre-registered guests, you will be asked to select which group to pre-register them for.

History view

The history view still shows all visitors together, however when you click export, you will be asked to select which group you wish to export.

Fire list

The first list shows everyone on site in one view, grouped together by their visitor group.

The app

When a visitor taps Sign In on the app, they will be asked to confirm their visitor group. As they go through the sign in experience, they will be presented with the custom fields you selected for their group, plus any messages you enabled for that group. Lastly they will see the welcome message you set when creating the group.

Standard visitors also receive a printed badge if a printer is set up.