Manage Sites

Configure your sites, including options for branding, custom fields, messages and devices. To configure a site, click the Configure button under the name of the site you wish to manage.

Configure site

The configure options are explained in the Configure site section of the user guide.

You can see which site you're currently on by looking for the 'Current site' label

If you have purchased additional site subscriptions, you can set up a new site quickly and easily by clicking the Add site button to the right of your existing sites. Each site you create requires its own site subscription. To order, contact the Sign In App team on

Manage Groups

Manage groups of visitors. Set up new repeat visitors and show or hide groups from the app.

Manage / Edit / Add groups

Groups are explained in detail in the Groups section of the user guide.

Visitor groups are new to version 3 of Sign In App and allow you to customise the sign in experience for each different type of visitor, including different messages and custom fields.

Manage Account

Account info

Update your organisation name, timezone, logo and data retention preferences. The logo displayed here appears at the top of the Today screen across all sites and is printed on any visitor badges.

In the dropdown Keep visitor data you can select how long visitor data is kept for. Once visitor data is older than the option selected here, it will be permanently deleted. The default option is indefinitely. With this option selected, visitor data will not be deleted automatically.

Portal users

Manage users on your account. To make changes to a user click the pen icon to the right of their name. From here you can change their email address, name and password. To keep the existing password, leave the password fields blank. To update the password, enter a new password twice before clicking save.

Site access

Site access can be found on the edit user window and allows you to control which sites each user can view. You can either select All Sites or restrict the user to a individual site.


You can change each user's role level by selecting from the drop down list on the edit window. The two options are Can configure, setup and view which is full admin access, and Can view today and history only which is read only access to visitor lists and does not include the configuration screens.

Delete user

To delete a user, open the edit user window. Then click Delete. The user will be deleted.

You won't have the option to change the permissions for the user who was created first. They will always be an admin account. If any changes are required, please contact us.

SMS credits

Sign In App can send notifications when visitors arrive by email or text message. To receive SMS notifications, your Account must have credits available. To purchase additional SMS credits select this option and choose the SMS bundle you require.

When you are running low on credits the primary account holder will be emailed. Once you run out of credits, SMS notifications will stop. You can check the number of credits you have any time from this screen, including any recently purchased but pending.


Here you can connect third party applications to your account.


If you have a Slack team you can connect it to Sign In App to receive notifications of sign ins to a nominated Slack channel. If you don't have a free Slack account and are interested in learning more, visit

To start receiving notifications in your Slack channel, select Integrations from the side menu and click the Add to Slack button.

You will then be redirected to Slack to choose the channel where you would like to receive sign ins. Select the channel you would like to use and click Authorize.

You might be asked to log in to your Slack account if you aren't currently logged in.

Once you have clicked Authorize you will be redirected back to the Sign In App portal. You are now ready to begin receiving sign ins into your chosen channel.

When visitors sign in, you will receive a message in your Slack channel. This message includes the visitor's information and a copy of their badge.

At any time you can remove the integration by clicking Remove integration.

Contact us

If you need any additional help or support with Slack integration, contact the team on or tweet @signinapp.