Live visitor list

The Today screen is a live view of all your site's sign ins. As people sign in, they automatically pop into the view. You do not need to refresh the page. Their name and sign in time is displayed.

Visitor groups

Each visitor group is displayed above the list with a total showing the number of visitors signed in on this site. Clicking one will show the people signed in and out for that group. For more information about groups, click here.

Click on a visitor to see more information (including any additional custom fields you have set). When you select a visitor, you will also see the option to manually sign them out from the site. If the visitor photo feature is enabled, each visitor's photo will be displayed.


The Today screen will always show currently signed IN visitors by default. To see today's signed OUT visitors, change the filter at the top of the list to Out.

If a standard visitor group is selected, an additional filter appears on the left allowing you to switch between Today's Activity and Pre-registed visitors. If a repeat visitor group (i.e. staff) is selected, this filter toggles between showing the current site and showing all sites.

Additional options


If you are looking at repeat visitors (i.e. staff) the Manage option will appear. This will allow you to view and add new repeat visitors to this group. You can also access the manage section from the Manage option in the top menu.

Sign in

Manually sign a person in directly from the today view.


If you are expecting visitors or VIPs on a specific date, pre-register them from the today view. Select this option, choose what type of visitor they are, provide their name, any custom data, date of visit and time of arrival (optional). When the guest signs in their name will automatically be populated for a streamlined sign in experience.

To automatically send the visitor an email invitation, tick the Send email invitation option when pre-registering. A new field will appear allowing you to enter their email address. Once you click Pre-register, the email will be sent.

If the QR code feature is enabled in site config, a QR code for fast sign in will be included on the email. If the feature is not enabled, there will not be a QR code on the email.

Sign out all

Selecting this option will sign out all visitors at the current site.

If you sign out all visitors, you will not be able to undo the action.