Config mode

Select printer

To select a compatible printer to print your visitor badges, follow these instructions.

A list of compatible printers can be found here.


Reload config

This option will update the device with the latest settings from the online portal.

Set pin to access config screen

If you choose to add a pin, this will be required before returning to the config screen from the welcome screen.

Lock photo rotation

Lock the camera to the current orientation of the iPad. Overrides all other settings.

Night mode

Night mode saves energy by automatically reducing the brightness of your iPad screen at the end of each working day. While night mode is activated, you can continue to use Sign In App by tapping the screen at any time. To enable night mode, select it from the options menu and toggle the switch. Two times will appear, the first should be set to the time you want the screen to dim each day. The second time should be the set to when you want the screen to return to full brightness.

Sign everyone out from site

Selecting this option will sign out everyone on the current site.

There is also an option in the Sign In App portal to sign out all guests automatically each day at a time of your choosing.

Remove device from site

Disconnects the iPad from the current site. Once disconnected the app will no longer function and you will need to generate an authorisation code to add the device to a new site.

User guide

There is also the option to open this online user guide from within the app.

Fire / evacuation list

View a live fire/evacuation list for the current site. All visitors and staff who have signed in but not yet signed out will be displayed. You can select which custom fields appear on the fire list from the Sign In App portal.

The fire list can also be viewed on any internet connected device logged in to the Sign In App portal.

Quick print fire list

This option appears only when a printer is configured. Tapping this button will print the live fire list using the connected printer. This option is only suitable for sites using continuous rolls of media, not individual labels.