Meet the team:
Dan Harding, Director

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, before the world of Sign In App?

Leaving school after one term of A-levels, I went straight into full time work. It was quickly identified that I had a talent for sales, so I was introduced to the IT solutions and supplies industry. I swiftly made my way up through the ranks where I ended up as Sales Director and shareholder of a £25 million business. I left that company to set up All Things Code, the creators of Sign In App, in 2013.

How and why did you decide to develop and set up SIA?

At our previous business, Chris, my now business partner, had developed a sign in solution on an all-in-one touchscreen PC. Ever since the iPad was released, we always had a keen interest in using them to benefit businesses. So when All Things Code was created, it felt like a natural step to replace the somewhat clunky all-in-one machine with an iPad and iOS App. So, Sign In App V1 was created, very different to today's version but it did the job. We actually never planned for it to be a commercial part of the business. Interest and demand just kept growing which led to us investing serious time, money and development hours into it.

What were the most challenging and rewarding aspects of starting the business?

The most challenging aspect is probably patience and doubt. Moving from a larger business doing bigger deals, into a barn where the phone didn’t ring was somewhat daunting. The inevitable ‘have I done the right thing’ creeps in somewhat. We played a lot of ping pong to take our minds off of it!

The most rewarding would probably be creating things, building something with a team of people that is your own, it really can’t be beaten. Working on new concepts and ideas within the business and seeing them be produced and well received is a real buzz too.

What’s been your most memorable workday at SIA to date?

I’d probably say when we hit our first million sign ins, it just felt like if that many people had used the app, we must be doing a good job. Seems a bit of a distant memory now as we do much more than that each year now, which is great!

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

We work in a converted barn so I love a day in the office, especially when we have the weather as it is surrounded by picturesque countryside. As far as a typical day goes, there isn’t one really – as you can imagine in a growing business, every day is different. I think at the centre of each day, we aim to do a great job for our customers, that will always come first. We’re quick to respond to our customers questions and troubleshooting and are always trying to exceed their expectations.

What are your interests outside of work?

I don’t really have ‘a thing’ as such but I’m very active. I have a wife and two kids who are growing up way too quickly for my liking. We love to eat out and go to really good restaurants – I’m at my happiest with my family and a plate of paella next to the ocean. I’m an all round sports fan really, Liverpool and Northampton Saints fan, I also coach my son's U12 football team, who have just won the league too!

What are your plans for the business over the next five years?

Development and growth. We have a really exciting roadmap of ideas of where we want to take Sign In App. We will continue to listen to our customers’ feedback and work on introducing new features to support them. Our activity will increase in the US and Europe and hopefully we will continue to investigate other markets around the world.

Visitor sign in system

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