Sign In App Launches Companion App

Sign In App launches its Companion app to provide instant access to staff and visitor management functionality at your fingertips

Sign In App Companion

Sign In App has enhanced its innovative staff and visitor management solution; providing personalised QR codes, quick guest pre-registration and instant emergency roll call lists, directly from the Companion app

Sign In App is the UK's leading visitor management app and assists organisations in ensuring visitor safety and GDPR compliance, whilst also improving the guest and employee sign in experience. The company today announces the availability of its latest addition to its sign in technology solution – Sign In App Companion.

Companion is designed to work alongside the Sign In App solution to provide staff and visitor management functionality at your fingertips via a smartphone. The app provides users with instant access to three key elements, designed to streamline the staff and visitor management process; access to a personalised QR code for staff to quickly sign in, the ability to pre-register guests and, critically, perform reliable fire/evacuation roll calls directly from a smartphone.

Primarily designed for staff, Sign In App Companion provides the convenience of an app-based QR code for a simple and fast way for staff to sign in and out of a premises. For some sites, it's not practical to assign printed QR codes to every staff member, so Companion automatically generates a QR code when the app is downloaded and is immediately visible upon loading the app. This also makes the app useful for regular visitors, such as contractors, as it negates the need for them to sign in as a guest each time they visit.

One of the most important features of the app is the ability to generate a real-time evacuation roll call list that can be immediately viewed on a smartphone. Instead of depending on unreliable pen and paper systems or the memories of colleagues, the Companion app provides a single view of all personnel on site. So in the event of an emergency, the appointed fire marshall can instantly see who needs to be accounted for, rather than wasting time – and potentially putting lives at risk – collecting physical records. The app also features a timer, which can be started once the fire alarm is sounded and as soon as the roll call is completed, a PDF report can be generated with a rundown of how long the evacuation took.

Dan Harding, Director at Sign In App comments: "As important as they are, it's rare that a fire drill is met with enthusiasm or speed, taking far longer than it should to establish who should be accounted for. With Sign In App Companion, not only can this process be quickened without the need for an outdated paper-based list, but businesses can be confident that in the event of a real-life emergency, a person will not be left behind."

Companion also offers the capability to invite and pre-register guests onto the Sign In App system. Through the app, users can send an email invitation to the visitor, including directions, a calendar appointment and QR code for fast sign in. On arrival, all of the guest's details are pre-populated, so they don't need to spend time filling in their information, they can just sign in and be swiftly greeted by the colleague they are there to see – a great first impression for new visitors.

Dan continues: "Staff and visitor management processes are often met with complacency, but when you factor in first impressions for guests, the overall experience for employees, as well as the crucial health and safety element, businesses need to reassess their strategy. Simple, affordable technology solutions can enable businesses to put appropriate safeguards and enhancements in place for a safer and more streamlined visitor and staff experience."

Sign In App Companion is available to all customers at no additional cost and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Staff members can access Companion by registering via the Sign In App on iPad, or through an invitation from the Sign In App online portal. For more information about Companion, visit: