Fast and simple staff sign in

Transforming the staff sign in experience. Quick and easy to use, Staff+ is included in your subscription.

Staff sign in, only easier

With no set up required, Staff+ is a ready to go, all-in-one staff sign in system. Staff sign in using your visitor iPad on reception, or connect multiple iPads at each entry point. With just a few taps, it's never been easier or quicker for staff to sign in.

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Swipe up on the sign in screen to reveal the staff grid. Search or scroll to find yourself.

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Tap the button and you can sign in or out easily. One tap and you're done!

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See quickly who is already signed in by looking for the green mark next to each employee.

Fire / evacuation list

Up-to-date and accurate fire lists can save lives. Generate a live list of visitors and staff signed in to your site in one click from any internet connected device or print directly from the badge printer.

Sign In App
Sign In App

Email & SMS notifications

Staff+ powers notifications in Sign In App. When your visitors arrive, they can select who they're visiting from the Staff+ list of staff. Notifications by email or SMS text message are sent as guests sign in.

Secure sign in (optional)

Enable PIN codes on sign in or out for individual members of staff. The PIN is required each time the employee signs in or out using the system.

Sign In App
Sign In App

Staff import

Staff+ doesn't require any set up, but if you do wish to import a list of employees, you can upload a CSV and each employee record will be created.

History & reports

View sign in history for each employee or export reports into Excel from the online portal with a detailed breakdown including total time on site.

Sign In App


Sign In App is a hassle free stand-alone solution that requires no set up or integration. The first time an employee signs in, they can create their record, populating the database without any additional input.

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